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Texas STAR (Medicaid) Plan

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Texas STAR (Medicaid) Plan

What is STAR (Medicaid)?

Community Health Choice (Community) participates in the State of Texas Access Reform (STAR) Managed Care Program (Medicaid). As a part of Medicaid, Community provides both Children’s Medicaid and Medicaid for Pregnant Women. These programs are free to U.S. residents who cannot afford health insurance.

How does STAR (Medicaid) work?

Under the Medicaid Program, eligible Medicaid clients choose an HMO and a Primary Care Provider (PCP) to provide all primary care services and to arrange for and coordinate referrals for all medically necessary specialty services.

For Children’s Medicaid, income levels that determine eligibility vary based on age and Medicaid program. Eligible participants for Medicaid for Pregnant Women must be at 185 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) or lower. Children’s Medicaid covers a child up to his or her 21st birthday, and Medicaid for Pregnant Women covers a child-bearing woman of any age. Members must recertify every six months.

What services does STAR (Medicaid) cover?

Community provides its Medicaid Members with access to comprehensive medical care, including services such as hospital care, surgery, X-rays, physical/speech/occupational therapies, prescription drugs, emergency services, transplants, regular health checkups, and immunizations.

Members receive unlimited medically necessary prescriptions through the Medicaid/CHIP Vendor Drug Formulary.

Why Choose Community?

As a local nonprofit health plan, Community Health Choice gives you plenty of reasons to join our Community. From the benefits and special programs we offer to the way our Member Services team helps you make the most of them, Community is always working life forward for you and your family.

“Community Health Choice is always there to answer my questions and help me and my family with our medical needs. I truly appreciate and value their customer support and service.”

– Cecily
Member of Community Health Choice